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Our priority is the area of Speed Capture Defense Systems that consists of two main categories, Laser Jammers and Radar Detectors. The main function of these devices is to warn the driver to police speed traps, thus the driver can slow down and avoid speeding tickets.

Eco-friendly and chemical-free disinfection with ozone generators. Ozone, as a disinfectant has become widely used for air cleaning in houses, vehicles, industrial buildings, restaurant kitchens, clinics or in locker rooms, gyms, pools, pantries and in any other places where the clean air and the pathogen-free environment is necessary.

Our high-quality seat heaters can heat or cool your car seats at any time, furthermore they can be installed into the seat fabric subsequently. These reliable, high-end devices come with various types of switches, 7 years of warranty and with a reasonable price.

Nowadays, its difficult to find a good parking spot in cities and even when it is found, it may be too difficult for a regular driver to park there. There is no shame in using Parking Sensors and Parking Cameras to ensure the safe and accident-free parking for everyone.

Additional high quality electronic car extras can be found in our portfolio. Make contact with us today!

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